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Resetting A Linksys WiFi Range Extender Back To Factory Settings

A Linksys WiFi range extender can be very useful in boosting your existing WiFi signal throughout your building, home or apartment. But hold on! you do need to do some basic Linksys extender setup process before your device is ready to use. If your range extender suddenly stops working, then don’t worry. Just go through the Linksys extender reset process once and set your device back to factory settings.

Soft Reset

  • Turn on your computer/desktop/PC or laptop. Then, connect any one you have with your range extender.
  • Open up a web browser on your connected device – type extender.linksys into the address bar field and access the Linksys smart WiFi setup page of your range extender.
  • Enter a valid, correct, secure, and strong username and password. Click on the Log In button after that.
  • Click on administration > factory defaults.

Your extender resets using the soft reset process.

Note: If you want to access the web-based setup page to reset your Linksys device, you will have to connect your existing router first to the PC or laptop with the help of Ethernet cable.

Hard Reset

linksys extender setup

  • Turn off your PC/computer or laptop.
  • Disconnect all the devices that are connected with your range extender.
  • Make sure that your Linksys range extender is properly plugged in a wall socket.
  • Ensure that your Linksys device is plugged in the same room as of your WiFi router.
  • Take a paper clip or pin.
  • Insert it into the reset hole of your range extender.
  • Release it when you see that the power LED on your range extender has started blinking.
  • Wait for approx two minutes and after that, push the reset button on your router as well.

Your Linksys range extender has successfully been reset using the hard reset process.

If you still have questions on how to reset Linksys range extender then lay it on our technicians at toll-free number 1-844-726-2726.

Once the reset process of your Linksys device is successfully completed, please try setting it up.

For the Linksys WiFi range extender setup process, ensure that you have the WiFi name (SSID), security settings, password (passphrase or passcode) and broadcast channel handy with you for your main router. You can easily get this information from your wireless router settings or from a device like a computer, laptop or smartphone you used already to connect to your router. In case you’re not sure how then contact your internet service provider (ISP) now or check your router’s documentation.

After that, plug in your Linksys extender into a wall socket and wait for its LED lights to come on and the colors remain stable/solid. Then, plug a good condition Ethernet cable into your computer or laptop and into the router to connect the two devices with each other physically and properly.

As a matter of fact, some, but not all, range extenders will allow you to connect to an extender-specific WiFi network for this installation and configuration step if you don’t have an Ethernet cable handy with you. Now, open an internet browser on your computer or laptop and navigate to linksys.com or the default IP address of your Linksys extender.

Now, if you’re prompted for the login credentials (username and password), try the default settings. After that, type in your wireless network information on the extender Linksys setup page and click on “Save” (without quotes).

Once your Linksys WiFi range extender is set up successfully, you should be able to connect to it or your main WiFi router to access your home network and the internet easily without any issue. As a matter of fact, on many models, once you are connected to the Linksys range extender, you can navigate to extender.linksys web address in your web browser to access the Linksys extender router login page in the future.

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