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Resetting A Linksys WiFi Range Extender Back To Factory Settings

A Linksys WiFi range extender can be very useful in boosting your existing WiFi signal throughout your building, home or apartment. But hold on! you do need to do some basic Linksys extender setup process before your device is ready to use. If your range extender suddenly stops working, then don’t worry. Just go through the Linksys extender reset process once and set your device back to factory settings.

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Steps to Reset a Linksys WiFi Range Extender

A Linksys WiFi range extender can be used easily with wired or wireless internet equipments like computers, laptops, wireless routers, and mobile devices.

Such smart WiFi range extenders are used to expand the range and reach of existing internet range coming out of your main WiFi router.

If you found that your Linksys wireless range extender isn’t working properly as before, then you can reset it back to its factory default values. Well, a question might strike in your mind. How to reset Linksys range extender? And the answer to your question is, resetting of your Linksys device back to its default factory values isn’t a difficult task. The reset process can easily be completed within a few seconds.

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Steps to Access Linksys WiFi Range Extender Setup Page

Before going further with the Linksys extender setup process, the first thing you have to do is to access the setup and login page of your Linksys device and extender.linksys.com would be the default IP address. Once you are connected to the Linksys range extender physically and properly, it will prompt you to go to the setup, configuration, and login page.

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