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Steps to Reset a Linksys WiFi Range Extender

A Linksys WiFi range extender can be used easily with wired or wireless internet equipments like computers, laptops, wireless routers, and mobile devices.

Such smart WiFi range extenders are used to expand the range and reach of existing internet range coming out of your main WiFi router.

If you found that your Linksys wireless range extender isn’t working properly as before, then you can reset it back to its factory default values. Well, a question might strike in your mind. How to reset Linksys range extender? And the answer to your question is, resetting of your Linksys device back to its default factory values isn’t a difficult task. The reset process can easily be completed within a few seconds.

Now, let us suppose that if we are living in a large home, building where there is lack of internet connectivity, then what do we do in that case? As a matter of fact, a Linksys WiFi range extender would be helpful in extending the signal of existing router to far corners of the house in order to cover all the dead zones and blind spots.

Linksys WiFi range extender has two main ways to be restore and reset.



First is the soft reset and second is the hard reset easy and handy steps.

First of all, we will share some easy to execute method for the soft reset process.

  • Switch on your PC or laptop.

  • Pull up a web browser to access extender.linksys web-based setup page of your smart Linksys device.

  • To do so, connect your desktop or a laptop (any) to the Linksys device through a well-maintained Ethernet cable.

  • Type extender.linksys.com into the URL bar of your web browser and tap Enter on your keyboard.

  • Type in default login credentials onto the displayed Linksys extender router login page and Login.

  • Proceed towards the ‘Administration field’ to reset your Linksys WiFi extender.

  • Tap on factory default reset button.

Congrats! You have successfully reset your device using the soft reset process. For any assistance related to the soft reset process, dial a toll-free number 1-844-726-2726 and get immediate solution to your query.

Reset your Linksys wireless range extender using the Hard Reset process


linksys extender

  • Shut down the connected device (computer or laptop) with the range extender.

  • Also, disconnect all the connections from your Linksys device.

  • After a few minutes, connect a power cable and let your Linksys device boot up properly.

  • Once your device boots up properly, simply insert a pin or paper clip in the reset hole of your Linksys extender for a few seconds.

If you are still facing errors in resetting your device or in accessing Linksys extender setup and login page, then make sure of the following things.

  • Do not use older firmware version on your main WiFi router.

  • Your router shouldn’t be placed at back, inside or beneath of anything.

  • The router and the range extender shouldn’t be placed near those devices that carry the same frequency as microwave, treadmill, Bluetooth speakers/ devices, concrete walls, etc.

Know more about these devices by having a word with our technicians via a toll-free number or by visitng linksys.com.

  • Do not use an overloaded and outdated web browser to access the web-based setup page of your Linksys device.

  • Avoid using a public hotspot to connect with the extender network i.e. linksys extender setup-xxx.

So, these were the two handy fixes to reset your Linksys WiFi range extender. We actually hope that these easy to execute fixes work for you and if they don’t, then feel free to interact with us anytime. You are more than a welcome.

A Quick Guide to Fix Linksys WiFi Router Common Problems

Linksys WiFi routers are one of the best networking routers out there. In addition, it provides users with a gamut of useful features like high security, uninterrupted media connectivity, WPS, gaming and a lot more. Talking about its performance, it works in every environment flawlessly. As soon as you set up your Linksys router using Linksys.com, you can access the internet securely all over the house without any issue.

Despite the fact, Linksys router is an electronic gadget and every electronic device has a disadvantage of ‘not working’ properly.

Therefore, as an electronic device, a Linksys smart WiFi router may put you into various annoying and disappointing issues like setup and installation problems or stopped working suddenly. Conversely, some users come across password and its security issues as well. Here, in this post, we are going to discuss all the brain-teaser issues linked with Linksys WiFi router along with a definite solution.

Problems Related to Cable Connection

Today, many users don’t know how to connect to a Linksys WiFi router. Due to this, they connect the Ethernet cables wrongly. Well, an incorrect cable connection can result in lots of issues and even cause damage to the hardware too. So we advise you to consult the router’s documentation given with the device prior to establishing a secure connection.

ISP Problem

To resolve this issue, check the internet on your main modem first. You can do so easily by making sure that there is a solid green DSL (Digital subscriber line) light on your modem. Also, you can connect the modem directly to the PC or laptop to check the status of your internet connection. Once done, try accessing Linksys extender router login web page. For this, you have to keep your Linksys router closer to the existing modem and after that, connect your router to PC or laptop with the help of an Ethernet cable.

If the above-mentioned page doesn’t open, then we request you to call us immediately on our toll-free number 1-844-726-2726.

The Router Failed to Identify the Device

The easiest solution to this problem is power cycling of your Linksys device. It often happens that your Linksys router has stopped working suddenly because of power outage. As soon as the power restores successfully, all the devices (wired and wireless) wake up at a time and cause internet connection issues.

In this scenario, power cycling your modem, Linksys router, as well as computer one by one, can resolve many issues. Those users who don’t know what a power cycling is, it is the process of turning off all the wired and wireless devices and then turning them on again one by one.

After turning on your Linksys router and the modem, you have to wait for a couple of minutes and check whether the issue is fixed or not.

Fail to Update Linksys Router Firmware

So, are you unable to complete the update process on your Linksys smart wireless router? Worry not! We have a definite solution to your query.

Firstly, go to the router panel by entering Linksys extender.linksys.com in the address bar field of an internet browser. After that, input the username and password (default) to access the login page of your device. It will redirect you to the settings panel automatically.

Once done, click on the admin tab and go to firmware upgrade. Check the firmware version and ensure that your router is running the latest and updated version of technology.

IP Conflicts Problem

Most of the users in today’s scenario report that their Linksys smart WiFi router is not working properly because of the IP conflict issue. It is possible and true that IP confliction results in major problems linked with the router.

Each router comes with a C class IP address by default. So, if you are planning to set up Linksys WiFi router in the network where the IP address of your existing modem belongs to the same class IP of Linksys router, then it can be a big reason that your Linksys device has stopped working suddenly.

To resolve this issue, you are supposed to change the Linksys router’s IP address as modem IP address cannot be changed. Once the IP address of your device has been changed, don’t forget to reboot your Linksys device.

As soon as your device is rebooted successfully to can easily access extender.linksys.

Choose a Perfect Spot to Place your Device

One of the main reasons for slow and sluggish internet connection is the placement of your device. To fix problems related to internet, place your Linksys router away from obstructions that carry the same frequency and create loads of interference.

Such devices are cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, microwave, treadmill, refrigerator, baby monitors, automatic garage opener, metal appliances, concrete walls, electronic gadget, fish tank, dishwasher, toys that run on batteries, doors, windows, etc.

So now you can identify the reason for Linksys WiFi router issues and to fix them easily by yourself. If you have any queries, feel free to reach us any time.

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